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Friends of Schlaepfer Park

Friends of Schlaepfer Park (FOSP) was started in the early 1990s with a number of people that wanted to help improve Schlaepfer Park.  Initially, they cleaned windows, washed curtains, painted the Huts, did weed control and planted native trees.  Later the group planned out and created the area that is the Bush Chapel.

This group has been defunct for some years and I would like to see it restarted.  The main thing is that the members aren't expected to come along and do some work, rather to come along and have some fun, taking part in activities that could be arranged by a small committee i.e. BBQs, garden visits, trips to places of interest and possibly having a work day occasionally. Spend a few hours on a weekend afternoon socializing, having afternoon tea, reminiscing of scouting/guiding events etc.

If you would like to become a member of FOSP, please contact Ian