How can you help

 As a voluntary organisation, we are often looking for help with projects and improvements to Schlaepfer Park.
Current projects as at 1st September 2015 are:
Construct a kitchen in the new building - Completed August 2015
Construct disabled and adult bathrooms in new building - Completed
Lay the new Marmoleum flooring in main Hall - Completed
Finish the Leaders Lounge - Completed

Construct an ablution block on Young's Flat campsite
Upgrade existing ablution block 
Upgrade waste system - new septic tank
Construct new crossing over stream to give all weather/all vehicle access to southern part of Schlaepfer Park - Completed February 2016
Construct new road to the large area on western side of the property (the narrow access slipped away some years ago and only access now is along the side of the railway line). - Completed by Balle Bros 2016
Fencing needs upgrading on southern and western boundaries.
Build a permanent camp fire site - No action as we now have a Camp Fire Base that can be used anywhere

Ongoing projects are:
Weed control - gorse, woolley nightshade, fern, barberry etc
Track maintenance and constructing new tracks
We are looking for any donations of materials/products
Weed control products i.e. Roundup and Tordon or similar products

If you would like to donate or help, please  Contact Us