Indoor Accomodation

Two accommodation buildings are in the main area. These are the SCOUT and ROTARY cabins, which each sleep 14 persons.

Both buildings consist of 2 bunk rooms fitted with 7 bunks on 2 levels.  A space is left for baggage etc or can be used as an additional bed space using a stretcher (not supplied).  The bunks are fitted with comfortable foam rubber mattresses.  The huts are fully lined and insulated.
Please Note: Pillows and bedding are not supplied.


Bunk Room Rules

v    Remove Footwear and muddy/wet socks before entering bunk room.

v    Graffiti or Vandalism will not be tolerated!

v    Food and Sweets are not permitted in bunk rooms.

v    Room must be kept Clean and Tidy at all times

v    No playing on the beds.

v    Mattresses must not be removed from bunk room

v    Turn off the light during daylight hours – open the curtains

Before departure, Rooms must be thoroughly cleaned – vacuum cleaner is in Cleaning Cupboard in Svendsen Lodge

Check Under and Behind the mattresses, then stand them up on their edges

Open the curtains, open the windows and check that the light is turned off.

A charge will be made for any Damage done or Cleaning required